Blue Hills Spiritual Direction

Welcome to Blue Hills Spiritual Direction,

with Rev. Dr. Clyde Grubbs

What is Spiritual guidance?

The goal of spiritual growth is to deepen connection to the creative mystery at the heart of the cosmos, to this earth and all the creatures of the earth, especially to other people, and to oneself.   The social world in which we live distracts us from the life of the spirit, and we often feel overwhelmed with anxieties and distracted. People seek spiritual growth because they wish to find their center and to be more responsive to the promptings of the spirit of love and justice.

Growth in the spirit is the result of practice. Through consultations we will explore together spiritual practices such as prayer, contemplation, telling our stories, and discernment. Through these practices we become more aware of our inner calling and of the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Spiritual guidance counseling often is known in the West as spiritual direction, and in other traditions it is known by other names. Clyde’s spiritual guidance style respects the theologies and spiritual understandings of his counselee’s, while at the same time he shares his own story based on wisdom and his understanding of the healing power of the earth.

Over decades, many people have sought out Clyde for counsel because he understands the concerns not only of clergy but of activists and lay leaders who are struggling with questions of spiritual growth and direction.

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(mobile) 617-852-7300
I am available for distance consultations.  Please email for appointment.
Still Harbor.  Boston MA  spiritual direction practicum 2016
Individual supervision and member of a peer cohort.
I facilitate groups and guide individuals who seek to find appropriate spiritual practices I I accompany seekers who feel called to a vision of social justice and to a life of service.  My understanding is shaped by indigenous earth centered spirituality, and I also am able to accompany seekers in all wisdom traditions.