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Are you in search of spiritual guidance, companionship, or coaching during these challenging and troublesome times?

Are you struggling with feelings of guilt, fear, anger, confusion, meaning-making, confidence, sadness, overwhelm, and/or burnout?

Are you seeking your moral and ethical center to develop and sustain a nonanxious compassionate activist presence?

Are you looking for spiritual guides with depth of lived experience in social justice?

We invite you to get to know our shared (TCMJH) and separate spiritual coaching practices and ministries (Sacred Play Explorations and Blue Hills Spiritual Direction):

TCMJH Mission

Tuckerman Creative Ministries for Justice & Healing (TCMJH) is a community ministry in the Greater Boston area devoted to the work of healing individuals, organizations, and communities from the impact of trauma, violence, and structural oppression, inclusive of the impact of climate change.  TCMJH is broader than and subsumes two different Unitarian Universalist private practice spiritual coaching ministries, Sacred Play Explorations (with Rev. Dr. Michelle Walsh) and Blue Hills Spiritual Direction (with Rev. Clyde Grubbs).

TCMJH Description

As the umbrella organization, TMCJH specializes in offering sermons, worship services, and life rituals, as well as workshops and spiritual guidance, for human service providers, clergy and lay activists and congregations seeking to develop and sustain transformative ministries on behalf of a just and beloved world free from the traumatic impact of racism, economic poverty, violence, and all forms of interlocking oppressions.  See separate descriptions for the spiritual coaching ministries offered by Rev. Dr. Michelle Walsh, an IFS practitioner (Sacred Play Explorations) and by Rev. Clyde Grubbs, who honors his indigenous heritage in his practice (Blue Hills Spiritual Direction).

General Information

TCMJH utilizes spiritualities grounded in relational wisdom and expressive arts to facilitate healing. Rev. Clyde Grubbs honors his Cherokee heritage and commitment to a just multiculturalism in his ministry, including his mentorship of seminarians and activist people of color.  Rev. Dr. Michelle Walsh is trained in Internal Family Systems practice as well as sandplay and is a committed Zen Buddhist practitioner in Thich Nhat Hanh's tradition.  She is particularly committed to social service providers, clergy and lay healers seeking to sustain themselves in these troubling times.  Our community ministry witnesses and advocates for transformative justice, especially as it relates to overcoming systemic oppression.  A portion of our ministry is dedicated to pro bono work and/or donations to community-based and led justice organizations.

Through our name, we honor Joseph Tuckerman (c. 1826), who was the first Unitarian community minister to work with impoverished immigrant communities and help his fellow religious liberals understand their role in the perpetuation of privilege. 

Please note that Rev. Clyde Grubbs is not a therapist by training or certification and does not offer therapeutic services.  He is trained as a spiritual director through Still Harbor and practices solely under TCMJH and Blue Hills Spiritual Direction.  He is available to offer pastoral counseling and consultation as a Unitarian Universalist minister to those seeking to engage their congregations in transformational multicultural ministries.  He particularly enjoys mentoring seminarians of color.

Contact Information

Use the contact form listed on an above tab to specifically request an in-person consultation meeting or phone coaching appointment with either Rev. Dr. Michelle Walsh for Sacred Play Explorations or Rev. Clyde Grubbs for Blue Hills Spiritual Direction.


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